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Designed for a Greener Earth

Care for the environment

The new City utilizes aero-flow, LAF (linear air-fuel), and O2 sensors to monitor and control the air-fuel ratio. This reduces hazardous elements from exhaust gas while using less precious metal in the catalyst. Honda also minimizes use of lead, hexavalent chromium, and PVC, and maximizes recyclable materials.

Excellent fuel efficiency performance

A convenient information display supplies useful data on current and average fuel efficiency and estimated travel distance before refueling. Positively affecting the driver's psychology, the display provides strong reinforcement for fuel-efficient motoring and makes it easier to drive economically.


The new City realizes class*-leading fuel efficiency through the synergy of all aspects of vehicle design, including i- VTEC engine, transmission, and body structure.
* 1.5-liter compact sedan class

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* Equipment may vary in some cases.