Regular maintenance is required to ensure the reliability and durability of your Honda vehicle. Regular maintenance also lowers your overall service and repair cost.

Take your vehicle to an authorized Honda Dealer to have the prescribed service carried out according to the standards as soon as you reach the kilometer or time period prescribed in your owner’s manual / Service schedule.

Nobody understands your Honda car better than an authorized Honda dealer. Get quality service today by Visiting your nearest Honda Dealer

Get Genuine Honda parts and Honda Genuine Motor oil for your vehicle for best performance

Dealer Location Periodic Maintenance General Repairs Body Paint
Victoria Island Yes - -
Mile 2 Yes Yes Yes
Ibadan Yes Yes Yes
Ikeja Yes - -
Abuja Yes Yes Yes
Port Harcourt Yes Yes Yes
Enugu Yes Yes Yes
Calabar Yes Yes Yes
Kano Yes Yes -
Honda Genuine Motor Oil
Better Fuel Economy, Longer Engine Life

Exceptional Performance begins with Exceptional oil... go for Honda Genuine Motor Oil

Motor oil lubricates your engine and helps it keep running the way it was meant to. With a variety of grades and viscosity available. Choosing the right motor oil seems confusing. See your owners’ Manual or cap of your engine oil filler. Using oil not specified for your Honda can cause performance to suffer.

Honda Genuine Motor Oil (HGMO) SM 5W30 Fully Synthetic
The same oil used in Honda Motor factory Japan

Honda’s SM 5W-30 high grade engine oil lubricates, cools and cleans your engine like no other. SM 5W-30 high grade oil gives you even better fuel economy and ensures a more environmentally friendly engine. SM 5W-30 high grade engine oil makes it easier to start your engine in the mornings and you will get better acceleration immediately after, perfect for when you are running late. The thin and fast flowing SM 5W-30 high grade engine oil helps extend the life of your catalytic converter and can even be used by the most advanced engines.

High grade oils like SM 5W-30 high grade engine oil help to prevent abnormal sludge build up which hampers engine performance.

Honda Genuine Motor Oil (HGMO) SL 15W40
For Honda Cars older than 2013

Honda gives you a choice to buy a cheaper but very safe oil which is specifically formulated for your Honda cars older than 2013. Enjoy great engine performance with the Genuine Engine oil for that great and durable engine performance that you desire.

Oil Filters
For a Cleaner and Healthier Honda

Protect your car and ensure a long engine life by always using Honda Genuine Oil Filter.

Servicing is incomplete if you change your engine oil without using a genuine Honda Oil Filter

A clean oil helps to reduce the friction that causes engine wear and prevents sludge build-up can cause engine damage.

The friction inside the engine creates unwanted substances like metal powders, sludge and carbon fouling which can blend together with the engine oil.

The Honda Genuine Oil Filter will allow circulation of clean engine oil by filtering off all the above unwanted substances which leads to enhanced performance.

Structure and its benefits
  • RELIEVE VALVE – ensures good oil circulation and by adjusting correct oil amount when engine starting is at extremely low temperature, or even when element is clogged.
  • ELEMENT – uses high performance element. Effectively catches minute particles like dust and carbon particles.
  • DRAIN-BAG VALVE – uses high heat resistance silicon rubber. Prevents oil flow reversal after engine is off and allows early oil circulation when engine is just switched on.
  • SEAL PLATE – with stringent measurement control, tightening interference of packing is consistently ensuring no loosening concern.
  • PACKING – uses Gasket of excellent heat and oil resistance and is durable against low temperature.
Air Filters
Clean Air is Vital for Long Life

Honda Genuine Air Filters lets your engine get the clean air it needs for smooth operation.

Your Honda’s first line of defense against engine-damaging airborne particles is its air filter. Air Filters captures the dust, grime, dirt and impurities that can impair engine performance, increases emission and can reduce your gas mileage. Insist on Honda Genuine Air filter Specifically designed for your car.

Honda genuine air cleaner element is designed to provide the finest micron filtration efficiency, that ensures your engine has smooth clean air for optimum performance without compromising engine output and fuel economy.

Advantages of Honda Genuine Air Cleaner Element
  • Honda Genuine Air Cleaner Element is developed exclusively using viscous oil type, providing enough clean air flow for the engine with the ability to filter off even the finest micron sized dust particles.
  • Honda Genuine air filters are made from advanced material that trap and hold more impurities without restricting air flow, optimizing performance and fuel mileage.
  • It fits perfectly into your car, covering every inch of space that needs to be covered for effectiveness
Break Pads & Shoes
Ultimate reliability in all conditions

When it comes to protecting your family, nothing is more important.

For peace of mind, always insist on Honda Genuine Brake Pads. Honda Genuine Brake Pads have been engineered to meet the exact braking specifications of your vehicle.

Ultimate Reliability:

Honda Genuine Brake pads and their accompanying hardware are precision designed and built of state-of-the-art materials. This provides optimum braking performance for your Honda even under demanding braking conditions.

Sound Reduction:

Honda Genuine Brake Pads comes with new high-insulation shims and specially formulated grease which reduces noise.

Made from material neither too soft nor too hard Honda Genuine Brake Pads help prevent premature disc wear while minimizing noise. Superior fading resistance and control characteristics are integrated to Honda Genuine Brake pad and brake shoe.

Well balanced between brake force and comfortable braking feel is tested and achieved with various temperature conditions.

Guaranteed Optimum braking performance

Honda Transmission Fluids
Better Fuel Economy, Longer Transmission Life

Efficient shifting, economical transfer of power, and a smooth ride...go for Honda Genuine Transmission Fluid

Specially designed for Honda’s automatic and constant variable transmissions, the Honda genuine transmission fluids offer protection against extreme temperatures, lubricate gears and bushings, and provide correct frictional response to optimize Honda’s transmission performance.

Honda Genuine ATF DW-1 (Automatic Transmission Fluid)
  • Specially developed by Honda R&D for Honda Automatic Transmission
  • Reduced gear change shift shock
  • Anti-shudder stability
  • Special anti-foam properties
  • Offer seal compatibility
Honda Genuine CVTF (Continuously Variable Transmission Fluid)
  • Specially developed by Honda R&D for Honda Continuous Variable Transmission
  • Seizure resistance
  • Wear prevention
  • Increased torque capacity
  • Improved gear durability
Changing Transmission Fluids Regularly

It’s important to change your transmission fluids regularly as stated in the owner’s manual as even genuine transmission fluids lose their effectiveness over time. The easiest way to do this is to visit your Honda dealer and let a trained technician change your transmission fluids.